AG Makes Mockery Of Sexual Assault Charges; Investigate Him First Says Dr. Douglas

The leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition and former Prime Minister of St. Kitts-Nevis, Rt. Hon. Dr Douglas has not taken kindly to Attorney General Vincent Byron’s attempt to disabuse the minds of the general public in relation to the sexual assault allegations levelled against his chambers.

Speaking at the Labour Party’s town hall meeting in March, Dr Douglas stated that contrary to the Attorney General’s ridiculous attempt to spin the truth, the Attorney General himself should be the first person investigated with regards to the matter of the sexual assault allegations circulating in his chambers.

“So when the Attorney General is going to make some asinine statement that nobody troubled Douglas inside his chambers, I believe the Attorney General himself, he should be the first by the Prime Minister – because he is head of his chambers. An investigation should start with the head of the chambers before it gets to anyone else!”

In a January 2018 sitting of the National Assembly, it was revealed by Dr Douglas, that there lurks within thDrttorney General’s office a sexual predator who utilises their position to manipulate and violate women visiting the office in search of official advice or assistance. On several other occasions including on radio talk programmes, Dr. Douglas reiterated this claim and also called for a both police and a ministerial investigation into the matter.

For more than a month, Dr. Douglas’ pleas for an investigation into the matter went unanswered and un-addressed by anyone within the coalition government. Then the Attorney General decided he was good and ready to respond.

In a shockingly insulting turn of events, Attorney General Vincent ‘Juicy’ Byron rejoined the rest of the population just to say he is certain that no one in his office has sexually harassed Dr. Douglas. According to Attorney General Byron who responded to the allegations at Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris’ March 2018 press conference, “I have checked with the office of the Attorney General and no one in that office has harassed Dr. Douglas in any way, and especially not sexually either.”

Speaking at the Labour Party’s town hall meeting on March 20th, Dr. Douglas stated clearly that despite the AG’s attempt to distract the general public from the truth by making a mockery of a felony, a woman was seriously sexually assaulted in his chambers.

“Let me make it clear: I do not bring to our Parliament and I do not bring to the people of our country anything that is not based on truth and fact. I know that there has been a credible complaint that…at least one person who we know, went into the Attorney General’s chambers to seek justice and she was sexually assaulted. There is no question about that!

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