Dwyer Astaphan Says Harris Released Poll to Undermine His Colleagues
Dwyer Astaphan Says Harris Released Poll to Undermine His Colleagues

Basseterre, St. Kitts, November 5, 2018 – Information released in the recent Cadres poll commissioned by Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris was aimed at embarrassing three of his cabinet members in his Team Unity Government.
“I do not think that they should have released the data or the results of the polling on Shawn Richards, Mark Brantley and Lindsay Grant,” said Dwyer Astaphan of Operation Rescue on his programme The Operating Room.
“There has to be a reason and this is where some of the Team Unity supporters might get pissed off with me,” said Astaphan, who noted that the poll showed Timothy Harris, whose Peoples Labour Party (PLP) which has one seat in the National Assembly with 37 percent; Shawn Richards, the Political Leader of the Peoples Action Movement (PAM) and Deputy Prime Minister, which has four seats in the National Assembly with 13 percent; Mark Brantley, Political Leader of the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), Premier of Nevis and the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs with 12 percent and former PAM leader and Federal Minister of Tourism, Lindsay Grant at 0.2 percent.
“Shawn Richards, Mark Brantley and Lindsay Grant are part of Team Unity. Why do you publish data on your own colleagues, your partners, unless there is a message in publishing their data, the message being that they need to know their place,” said Astaphan, who reminded listeners of a recent remark by Dr. Harris that none of his cabinet colleagues “can hold a candle of correctness to him.’
“Another objective of the releasing of the recent poll numbers is for them to understand that they are not players in so far as the leadership dynamic is concerned at this stage of the game,” Astaphan pointed out.
He also surmised that Prime Minister Harris released the poll numbers on his colleagues to generate campaign funds for the next general elections.
Playing devil’s advocate, Astaphan asked “if in the next general elections, the CCM wins three seats and the PAM wins four seats, who will be Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis? Whatever this poll says in May, would be of no moment at all, because a day could be a lifetime in politics.

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