BREAKING NEWS: Outbreak At VHS Confirmed; Harris’ Government Still Attempting Coverup

Sources within the Ministry of Health have confirmed that there is indeed a life-threatening issue at the Verchilds High School, adding that Prime Minister Timothy Harris and his health Ministers, Hon. Eugene Hamilton and Sen. Wendy Phipps, are trying their utmost best to keep the matter a secret.

Based on evidence gathered from the institution, there is a major outbreak as a result of chemical contamination that stems from the school’s science laboratory.

Sources have also confirmed that all science students at VHS, are affected with the same lesions about their body. There is only one other student who is not a science student but is confirmed to be affected. Sources disclosed that this student frequents the science laboratory with her friends who are science students.

Further investigation revealed that the general student-teacher population of the school are open to being affected, as the chemicals and residues from experiments conducted within the lab are said to be disposed of outside of the laboratory.

The school’s lab has since been quarantined.

The government has since scheduled a very private meeting for today, Monday 4th February 2019, for the parents of the students who are affected and teachers of the school.

Timothy Harris and his Health ministers are receiving much backlash from workers at the institution and parents, for their obvious commitment to keep such a major health risk a secret for political reasons.

Prime Minister Timothy Harris and his government have a track record of covering major health issues and sweeping them under the rug.

This government, more so health ministers, Wendy Phipps, and Eugene Hamilton have shown time after time their inability to properly address and rectify any issue regarding health.

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