BREAKING NEWS: Prosecutors Stage Protest Against Politically Appointed Magistrate Donna Harris

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Valston Graham has suspended prosecutorial services to the magistrate court of Donna Harris with immediate effect.

The DPP’s decision stems from a clash between one of his lawyers and Magistrate Harris, during a court hearing of a wounding matter from December 2018.

As reported by Winn FM, after the Magistrate heard full submissions by the defense attorney for the accused, she determined that the charge should be amended. Mr. Vasquez disagreed and wanted to make submissions as to why it should not be amended.

The magistrate reportedly refused and ordered him to sit down. When the Crown Counsel attempted to plead his side, he was again ordered to take a seat.

When he refused, Magistrate Harris ejected him from the courtroom.

This is not the first time Magistrate Harris’ attitude is in the spotlight.

Just last week, the whole community chastised the Magistrate for her decision to return two young children to a home that was proven to be unsafe.

In the matter concerning Kimberly Liburd of Mansion Village, who was charged with the offense of inflicting grievous bodily harm on her young son, Magistrate Harris returned the children to the mother as a favor.

Sources revealed that the defendant and the magistrate are good friends and were neighbors once upon the time.

It is understood that the defendant and Magistrate Harris had a conversation about the matter prior to the actual hearing.

Sources within the court disclosed that as a result of their friendship, Magistrate Harris refused to see or hear any evidence brought forward in the matter.

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