Wendy Phipps MUST Resign for Misleading the Public as Always

Expired Insulin at Pogson Hospital
The grandson of the diabetic lady holding the expired insulin

In a call of deep concern, an old diabetic woman called into Freedom FM Radio’s popular talkshow, “Issues”, to share her dilemma with the public of St. Kitts and Nevis on Wednesday October 3rd, 2018. The lady recounted that she went to the Pogson Hospital in Sandy Point to get her usual supply of insulin but found that the insulin there had expired. The insulin in stock at the hospital carried the same expiration date as that she had in her possession which she had collected from the hospital in early September.


The old lady’s concern about her condition in the face of expired insulin at the hospital caused her to travel to Basseterre to purchase insulin from a pharmacy. However, she found that there was no supply of insulin at various pharmacies that she visited. Consequently, she had to return home and take the only insulin that was available, which was expired.


The lady’s call to the radio station was out of concern for her health. She tried to get the advice of Internal Medicine Specialist Dr. Terrance Drew who was a participating panelist on the “Issues” at that moment. Dr. Drew inquired of the lady whether she had tried to get insulin from the pharmacies on the island of Nevis and offered to assist her in obtaining it.


Alarmingly, on Thursday October 4, the following day, in a press conference hosted by the Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, Junior Minister of Health, Wendy Phipps, under the instruction of Prime Minister Harris, lied to the public that insulin was in full stock at all government dispensaries in St. Kitts. The long and short of this is that Senator Wendy Phipps is calling the elderly diabetic lady who called into the radio show a liar. Whenever the Timothy Harris administration is confronted with an adverse truth, it smears those who dare to come forward with the truth. It is absolutely disgraceful that Senator Wendy Phipps could berate an elderly diabetic woman whose only concern was to get a good supply of insulin.

Strangely though, the public has come to distrust Senator Wendy Phipps who lied to the public about the Basseterre High School NIOSH report. She claimed that the NIOSH report was incomplete as soil and air sample tests were missing from it. However, when the government was forced by public outcry to release the NIOSH report, it was clear from the report that NIOSH utterly rejected the idea that any soil and air tests needed to be done.


Senator Wendy Phipps Wendy Phipps also lied to the citizens of St. Kitts and Nevis about the stem cell project that was being conducted at the JNF General Hospital. She stated categorically that no stem cell experiment was being conducted there when all the evidence from then-Chief Medical Officer (CMO) proved otherwise. It was over this matter that the CMO was sacked from his position.

Wendy Phipps must immediately apologise to the people of St. Kitts and Nevis for her deliberate and malicious lies while Eugene Hamilton, the senior Minister of Health hides behind her skirt tail. It is time for Hamilton to man up or resign his position as a Minister.

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