The Timothy Harris-led government continues to show its true colour as a fascist, gestapo government and is steadfast in its sadistic and twisted custom of victimizing and tormenting anyone who dares to oppose him.

Timothy Harris has just shifted into high gear his personal attack on Mr. Leon Natta, a man who has been recently touted to be the person identified by the constituents of constituency number seven as the one who will save them from the dark, greedy and nepotistic rule of Timothy Harris.

Moments ago, it would appear that a direct order from the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Timothy Harris, was issued to the police for the arrest of Mr. Leon Natta under the pretext of his failure to renew his licensed firearm. At the time of the arrest this morning, Mr. Natta had not failed to renew the licence for his firearm.

Timothy Harris and his government are desperate and are looking for all sorts of ungodly reasons and minutiae, to undermine, demean and defame those who do not support them and have thrown their support behind the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party. It is not surprising given his penchant that he continues to abuse his power as the Prime Minister and Minister of National Security to pursue his political vendetta against Mr. Leon Natta in this classically fascist style.

What makes Harris’ attack even more reminiscent of a dictatorship, which it in fact is, is the fact that it was Magistrate Donna Harris, the sister of Prime Minister Harris, who signed the warrant to order the arrest of Mr. Natta.

This incident further confirms the suspicion of many locals and residents who have chastised the government for digging into citizens’ personal files across government ministries and statutory bodies and using the information to launch personal vendettas where and when it suits them. This was true in the case where a private citizen was able to get access to Dr. Douglas’ personal information existing in government offices and use it to launch a legal case against him. The same is also true in relation to the assault on Police Officer Lennox Hodge who was arrested and locked up overnight for driving with an expired driver’s licence, which is only a ticketable offence with a maximum fine of EC$2000. And now, with his increasing desperation, Timothy Harris has now lunged onto Mr. Leon Natta, whom some see as the presumed candidate to challenge Dr. Timothy Harris in the upcoming elections.

Dr. Harris’ true colours are showing. He is losing the confidence of the people and he knows it. In his desperate bid to hang on to power, he has become a monster and a dictator of immense proportion.

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