Dr Denzil Douglas Denounces All Government-Spread Rumours Of Corruption

The leader of the St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, Rt. Hon. Dr Denzil Douglas has strongly denounced and adopted a firm zero-tolerance policy regarding all notions of him being corrupt.

Responding to a question recently posed by a media entity, Dr Douglas stated that he unequivocally rejected any reference to him as a corrupt individual. On the contrary, he stated, Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris was under international watch for his involvement in a corrupt scheme in Britain.

“I challenge very seriously any reference to me as a corrupt person. The people of St Kitts and Nevis who are being told by Dr Harris and his corrupt group of persons following him that I would be arrested as soon as he got into office. I want to say, however, to the citizens of this country and to the people of the world: Dr Harris is presently on the watch list for being charged by the British Courts, charged on bribery and money laundering based on the transcripts of tapes which the German police have handed over to the National Crime Agency in London.”

Dr Douglas further stated that he had been reliably informed that it was only a matter of time before Dr Harris faced charges internationally.

“Charged with bribery and money laundering – these are the two charges which he presently is facing. And it’s only a matter of time – I have been reliably informed from my recent visit abroad – that it will soon happen….Dr Douglas is here, travels freely. Dr Harris is under a cloud. The German police have tapes with him being the subject of a bribe and also the subject of money laundering.”

The Opposition Leader once again called for the resignation of Dr Harris from the position of Prime Minister of St Kitts and Nevis, stating that this was long overdue, particularly because despite being the leader of a sovereign nation, Dr Harris has lost all international credibility.

“He should have resigned a long time ago, and I use this opportunity again to call for the resignation of Dr Harris and remove the cloud from over this country that he has placed over it. Dr Harris has no credibility abroad, none whatsoever. None of his colleagues could believe that he’s still in office here in St Kitts and Nevis; I just came from abroad – none of them!”

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