Duncan “Big Lice” Wattley takes stand for Susie Liburd; alcohol reportedly sold at Black Rocks event on Good Friday

Basseterre, St Kitts, April 23, 2019 – Outraged by the reported Good Friday arrest of Bus and Ferry Terminal small business woman, Susie Liburd, well-known calypsonian, Duncan “Big Lice” Wattley, said he is taking a stand to represent and speak for all the poor and downtrodden individuals in the Federation.

Wattley was one of scores of residents who condemned the action by police who was enforcing an old law not used for decades, while alcohol was being sold at a Black Rocks kite flying event sponsored by Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris, took place.

“No matter which side of the divide you find yourself. Susie Liburd is my friend and I want to declare war on the authorities who chose to arrest her today (Good Friday. It is a travesty. And old archaic law that for many years was never upheld, but all of a sudden today 2019 a few police officers decide to take action on a poor hard working individual. That to me seem calculated and planned. Susie I promise to help you fight this to the end,” Wattley posted.
He pointed out that the law cannot be for some and not the others.
“Was the Casino closed last night Was The Strip closed last night How many bars were open last night into the morning?” Duncan asked.
He was specific in referring to the annual Kite Flying event planned by Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris at Black Rocks on Good Friday.
“The kite flying activities planned for today. Where they postponed?” he asked.
Several persons to the Black Rocks event have confirmed that alcohol was being sold and police did not close down the bars or arrested the sellers or owners.
The sale of alcohol at prime minister Harris’ event has also been confirmed by Buckie Got It who posted on Whatsapp at 9:56 pm: “Me and my daughter D liming by Spoon Bar at Black Rock but she say Daddy no more Guinness. A wonder how a gone lime without drinking.”
Videos of the police presence at Susie Liburd’s bar at the Bus and Ferry Terminal and a Chinese Restaurant on Fort Street selling a bottle of Heineken on Good Friday are making the rounds on social media.
Liburd, who operates “Up All Night” was arrested and released. There was no information whether she has been or would be charged.

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