Forced out as Superintendent of Prisons on October 5, 2017, Juni “Scrape” Hodge is still being paid monthly by Government.

Image of Junie Hodge , Superintendent of Police.

Basseterre, St Kitts, October 6, 2019 – Two years ago on October 5, 2017, it was reported that Superintendent of Her Majesty’s Prison, Mr. Juni “Scrape” Hodge was being forced out from the post after just 20 months on the job.
Hodge was appointed to the post in February 2016. While Hodge himself at the time denied it, Times Caribbean, a mouthpiece of the Team Unity Government and PLP party and Prime Minister Harris also made public statements denying Hodge was being forced out.
Times Caribbean, owned and financed by the Team Unity Government denied Hodge was forced on in an October 9, 2017 posting which stated: “Superintendent Hodge addressed the story and stated categorically “there is no truth in the rumor and since waking up this morning “I am still the Superintendent of Prisons”. Hodge confirmed that he did not receive any letter from any individual indicating that he was terminated. Hodge did indicate however that he is currently on vacation and Deputy Superintendent Connor is Acting in his absence. This fact may have given mischief-makers the opportunity to start and perpetuate the rumor. The rumor is nothing more than FAKE NEWS.”
Today, October 6, 2019,  Mr. Hodge has still not returned to his desk, a new Commissioner of Corrections is in charge of Her Majesty’s Prison and Mr. Hodge has received a salary for each of the 24 months he has been off the job.
In May this year, Mr. Hodge called on Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr the Hon Timothy Harris to provide information on his tenure.
“I call on the Honorable Minister of National Security to state clearly and unequivocally, what is the intent of the government of the day in relation to my tenure as Superintendent of Prisons and why the rules have all been breached or ignored in relation to the allegations made against me and left in doubt for nearly a year and a half,” said Hodge in a letter to Dr Harris dated May 27, 2019.
In his letter, Mr. Hodge noted that in February 2016, he was appointed by the Government of Saint Kitts and Nevis to serve as Supt. of Prisons. At the time, the Ministry of National Security praised his appointment as representing “my ‘knowledge of the Prisons Act and the issues that perplex the prison system’ at the time among other attributes.”
“I accepted the position as an opportunity to serve my country and apply my experience and skill to an area where such service can best be effected.
During my tenure, I acted at all times professionally and always in the best interests of the prison system and the men and women who served with me. Despite the gains made and the hard work we performed, advice was given by the National Security Advisor in the ministry that I was guilty of various forms of misconduct. The said advisor wrote advising the Public Service Commission that I be terminated. At the time my attorneys wrote promptly advising that various disciplinary rules had not been followed as this advice was given without formal charges first laid for me to respond to. It was only after my attorneys wrote to correct this breach of the rules that formal charges were actually laid against me in June 2018 more than 7 months after allegations against me were first raised.”
Mr. Hodge’s letter continued: “It must be noted that there was an internal investigation conducted by the Police Strategic Intelligence Unit (PSIU) between October and November 2017 and submitted to the National Security Advisor. While the National Security Advisor held without evidence that I was “a threat to the security of the prison and the Federation” the Intelligence Unit held that this view was unfounded and was only the personal view held by some officers “with no support for their claim”. Indeed the NSA found that there was fragmentation and division among the senior prison management, the Unit highlighted that I myself felt “disrespected” and “undermined” by some of the senior staff.

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