Mark Brantley declares that he has a marriage of convenience to exploit.
Mark Brantley declares that he has a marriage of convenience to exploit.

Nevis Premier Mark Brantley, in an undisguised fit of self-righteousness, has labelled MP Konris Maynard as “Youngster Maynard”. Maynard and Brantley are both elected members of the House, with Maynard enjoying greater popularity with his home base.

The usually vainglorius Premier was apparently stung by his parliamentary colleague’s incisive analysis of the CCM- led NIA’s fiscal quagmire and the Premier’s callous indifference to it.

Under the leadership of Mark Brantley, the NIA is bedeviled by deficits and choking debt of 50% GDP.

Yet, the Premier is effusive and repititious in his claims, “Something good is happening in Nevis”.

Seemingly, no one is to inquire into the merits or otherwise of the hush-hush Federal government’s $142 million guarantee of NIA debt.

Brantley is seeking to obfuscate. Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition has a duty to robustly probe the spending of public monies including millions in budgetary handouts sent across the shark-invested Narrows.

The Premier’s thin-skinned response to Konris Maynard is not new. It betrays a sense of self that is larger than life and an attitude that says that he couldn’t care less.

Recall his demand that public servants jump to attention at his shadow or self.

Perhaps, worship of his statue is next.

The Premier’s “holier than thou” posturing cannot extinguish his candle of correction and accountability. It is lit by the sworn oath of office and taxes.

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