McMahon: Corruption is like an aggressive cancer in the Team Unity Government

Basseterre, St Kitts, August 26, 2019 – Community activist Ira McMahon has told Jonel Powell, chairman of the Peoples Action Movement (PAM) – one of the three parties in Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris’ Team Unity Government – that these has never seen in the political history of St Kitts and Nevis, a government involved in numerous allegations of corruption in their first term in office.
Responding to Mr Powell’s remarks to callers that cosmetic steps were taken in the good governance agenda and beyond what was done by previous administrations, Mr McMahon said the half a loaf is better than none mentality ” is unacceptable.”
“You may convince yourself that Team Unity is doing wonders, but I have been around for many elections and I have never seen a new administration with so much corruption allegations so far as this one. It has been beset by scandal after scandal which would not have happened if Team Unity had prioritized its good governance agenda. It promised to do so,” said McMahon.
Pointing out that “corruption is like an aggressive cancer,” the former head of the technical and vocational division of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) called on the Team Unity Government to committed itself to its good governance agenda.
He said for the PAM chairman to say to the public that this government is open and transparent when there are so many investigations in which results have not been brought to the public.
“The breach of security at the airport (by government minister Hon Ian Patches Liburd), the stem cell, the unethical herpes scandals, the non publication of the 2018 IMF Article IV consultation report on the economy of St Kitts and Nevis and the EC$200 million (the Federal Government sent to Nevis and which Prime Minister Harris said) was squandered by the NIA. If Mr Powell accepts these things, it suggests that he is satisfied with the unfortunate status quo,” said McMahon on Freedom 106.5 FM programme of which Powell, a barrister and the PAM candidate for St Christopher 2 (Central Basseterre), was the guest.
McMahon did not mention several other scandals including the British property billionaire Peter Virdee Bribery Scandal in which Prime Minister Harris is named in a British High Court judgment, the Hurricane Roof Repair and Poverty Alleviation scandals in the Office of the Prime Minister, the scandal involving Chinese fugitive Ren Biao who China said “was seeking an additional US$190,000 to help to continue to pay for his protection by Kittitian authorities” and the alleged unaccounted EC$10 million in campaign funds by the PLP.

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