Mould at Cayon High School

Picture of Cayon High School
Cayon High School

Incompetence of Harris-led Government Threatens Students and Teachers’ Health at Cayon High School.

In March of this year, the mold at Cayon High School posed great health concerns as students and faculty members tested positive after experiencing illnesses. According to sources, the mold level at the school was way above the 2 percent limit for the body. These illnesses were reported to government officials, but still, nothing was done to resolve the issue.

The teachers attempted to force the government to resolve the issue by signing a petition. However, this too was a futile attempt.

One would have expected that over the two-month summer break the government would have worked expeditiously to resolve the mold issue at the Cayon High School. Yet another stroke of incompetence by this Harris-led Administration.

On Monday 26th August, 2019, which started the new school year for the Ministry, teachers at the Cayon High School refused to enter the compound until they were made privy to the results from the tests conducted. The teachers were baffled at the government’s ineptitude as they wasted a whole summer break and paid no attention to the mold outbreak.

After a protest on Monday conducted by the Teachers, an emergency meeting has been scheduled for Thursday 29th August,2019.

Why now? Why not two months ago? What could possibly be said to the parents and teachers who would have to send their children to school on Monday? Would the school be closed for another week? Would students be housed in different buildings like the Basseterre High School saga? These are questions that are being raised.

These are the questions the Minister of Education and the Prime Minister must respond to.

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