No Ballistics Report For Gun Found At Mickail Liburd Crime Scene

On Tuesday 28th August, 2018, the St. Kitts-Nevis Information Service (SKNIS) issued a press release boasting that yet another illegal firearm had been removed from the streets following the police’s recovery of a .32 calibre pistol at the scene of the murder of son of Minister Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd, Mickail Liburd.


Mere hours after its issuance, however, the press release was mysteriously removed from the website and the Facebook page.


Wednesday 29th August 2018 saw the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force posting a press release on stating that a .32 calibre pistol was recovered from the scene at Shadwell Pine Gardens. According to the press release, “The .32 pistol was found at the scene where Mickail Liburd was shot and killed. The firearm is currently being processed at the Forensic Department along with other items of evidential value.”


Following a shoot-out in Sandy Point between the Police and now deceased Vincent Taylor, the Police were able to inform the public that the bullets that killed Sergeant Powell matched those that were fired at police officers by Taylor during the shoot-out. The shoot-out took place the afternoon of Friday 31st August 2018 and by the afternoon of Saturday 1st September 2018, the police were able to hold a press conference to inform the public of the ballistic findings. Vincent Taylor was wanted for the shooting death of Sergeant Leon ‘Shabba’ Powell. According to police, Taylor shot the Sergeant dead with his own gun.


Liburd was gunned down since Monday 27th August 2018 and to date, the police have not provided any report on the gun that was found at the scene. Unofficial reports have since indicated that this is as a result of the firearm being licensed to Minister Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd, father of now deceased Mickail Liburd.


Despite there being questions surrounding the mysteriously deleted press release erroneously labelling Minister Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd’s gun as an illegal weapon, the general public is eagerly waiting to hear from the police the details concerning the gun, particularly if it has been linked to any gun crimes or even murders in recent years.

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