When will Tau's family hear the truth about who killed him?

Tau Johnson still waiting for justice
Tau Johnson still waiting for justice

Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 26, 2018 – No word yet on the completion and conclusion of a high-level investigation into the traffic accident which took the life 20-year-old Tau Johnson seven weeks ago.

The Buckley’s Housing Project resident, who celebrated his birthday on the same day he died was riding a motorcycle and was being pursued by a police vehicle.

Police said the youth lost control of his motorcycle when he attempted to manoeuvre vehicles, but unconfirmed reports state that police allegedly knocked the youth off his bike.

Following widespread public outcry and a demonstration attended by hundreds of youths, police announced the setting up of an investigation team headed by a senior ranking police officer and a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police with years of experience, as an investigator to provide advice.

In mid-July, Police Commissioner Ian Queeley disclosed that CCTV footage had been reviewed, the independent mechanic and vehicle inspector had analyzed both the motorcycle and the police pickup and statements were being recorded.
He also promised that the findings of the Tau Johnson investigation upon completion will be made public.

Sunday it was not immediately known if the investigation has been completed.

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