Outrage over alleged police brutality; complaint to UN Human Rights Commission urged

Basseterre, St Kitts, April 28, 2019 – Outrage over alleged police brutality on an individual based on his sexuality and calls for court action and a report to the United Nations Human Rights Commission.
“The police officer who beat up my friend Jason Amory (for his sexuality) and the two other officers who stood by and were too coward to intervene – we won’t fight you with the violence you showed, but in the court,” disclosed Kaye Crossman on Sunday in a Facebook posting. A video seen show a police recruit boxing a male person on Port Zante Saturday night/Sunday morning.Crossman said the fight will be in the court.
“It is called, amongst other things police brutality. You will be singled out and justice will be served,…. because it was inhumane how you brutally handled him and traumatized him,” Crossman posted.
Calling it “outrageous,” Sherla Buchanan posted she hope Jason “is fine.” The Police there is Gross, she added as she mentioned an incident here last December of a “police running with his gun in his hand on jouvert morning crowded streets of revealers.”
Randy Jeffers: “Insecure people love to show themselves on people who are comfortable with themselves.”
Selrahc Gnoj: “Kaye, this incident should also be reported to UN High Commissioner on Human Rights.”
Franz Archibald called for a complaint to be filed and an investigation undertaken into the said officer(s) actions/conduct. “Law enforcement works for us and is paid by us with a mandate to protect us. Filing a lawsuit isn’t enough.
Denise Daniel posted that the people of St Kitts and Nevis “should never allow brutality against our citizens (and) if not dealt with, this would only get worst.”
“See Tau Johnson is six feet under and police do date can’t come clean with the truth. Law abiding citizens should never be victims to who we pay to keep u
s safe. The bad apples does spoil the bunch in these kinda cases that’s why it’s important to weed them out. Don’t allow the bad seeds to tarnish the hard working police,” said Daniel.

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