PART 3: Is The Former St. Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister’s Life In Danger?



The Plot?

An attentive onlooker with a good memory and a keenly discerning eye would realise that throughout this entire debacle, there is a steady pattern of progression in a particular direction. Once this direction is realised and the ghastly end result of all of this becomes clear: former Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dr Denzil Douglas is very likely in immediate danger.


St. Paul’s no longer has a police station. Any emergency call coming from St. Paul’s will be responded to eventually by police officers from the Dieppe Bay Police Station. By the time these officers would have arrived, the assailants would have long made their getaway. Sergeants Powell and Davis are deceased. The government refuses to assign any security detail to the former Prime Minister. Constable Lennox Hodge has been strategically disarmed. Could it be that the former Prime Minister is being left conveniently exposed?


Taking a trip down ‘Memory Lane’ back to Friday 17th April 2015, the night that banker Everette Hanley of the Bank of Nevis was gunned down outside his home in Nevis, a ghastly pattern that was perhaps unseen back then now becomes clear. The day of Hanley’s death had been littered with armed robberies. Many people on Nevis that Friday afternoon had been held at gunpoint and robbed of their cash and valuables by armed masked assailants, even groups of people. Not a single shot was fired at anyone. Yet, the unarmed Nevisian banker who had been assisting overseas authorities with an investigation into a Nevisian politician’s shady financial activities was shot and killed right as he parked his vehicle near his home. Unfortunate coincidence? Or was this the plan all along?


Nearly two days after Hanley’s murder – in the wee morning hours of Sunday 19th April 2015, Jeffrey Daniels from Waterworks, Cayon on St. Kitts was shot and killed just as he was entering his home. Is Daniels’ death also a coincidence? Or was it strategically orchestrated to create the illusion of a coincidence in the general public’s minds? In any event, both murders, as well as the spate of criminal activity of the weekend of April 17th – 19th, were written off as mere spikes in criminal activity. Could it be as it appears; as though the deaths of key individuals are being cleverly concealed within quick bursts of criminal activity?


Earlier this year and for the second time during his term in office, the current Prime Minister requested that the Governor-General grants the St. Kitts-Nevis Defence Force with police powers. So requested, so granted; the Defence Force and the Police now operate as if one and the same and this has been the case for much of this year. The Prime Minister recently requested the RSS’ presence in the federation claiming that local law enforcement is in need of the additional manpower in order to properly execute their crime-fighting strategy. RSS personnel began arriving in the country on Wednesday 10th October 2018. More RSS personnel arrived on Saturday 20th October 2018. According to the Prime Minister, the RSS numbers in the country will increase until there are sufficient here to assist local law enforcement in achieving the goal of crime reduction. In summary, the police, Army and RSS militia are all patrolling the streets of St. Kitts-Nevis in an effort to reduce crime.


At no point in time has the Prime Minister ever activated the Defence Force’s Reserves as a way to increase the police force’s manpower. Further, the RSS has been called in at a time when multiple members of the Police High Command are being made to use their excess vacation time. Highly suspicious?


Could it be that the RSS has been brought in to St. Kitts-Nevis to serve as a scapegoat for the government were anything to befall the former Prime Minister? Is their presence to serve as a cleverly irrefutable excuse? Fast-forwarding to October 23rd, 2018, the night Wayne Connor was shot in St. Paul’s, one is compelled to ask: is this the start of a strategic crime spike in the former Prime Minister’s hometown?


Is the St. Kitts-Nevis former Prime Minister’s life in danger?

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