Mrs Leader was tossed to the ground by RSS Officers in St. Kitts
Mrs Leader was tossed to the ground by RSS Officers in St. Kitts

Basseterre, St. Kitts, November 15, 2018 – Judy Leader, a St. Peter’s grandmother suffered a broken forearm and injury to her left leg after she was tossed to the ground by a soldier on Sunday morning. The soldier was accompanied by three RSS persons who just stood by.

Leader, whose hand is in a cast, underwent surgery on the injured hand at the JN France General Hospital on Wednesday.

Leader said she was by her son’s house which is in the same yard as her house, when she heard the voice of her daughter and going to see what was happening “found my daughter and my grandchild – son and mother – on the ground.”

“I said ‘no, no no, what happen here.’ Nobody answered me. I bend down and took them from off the ground myself. The army man held on to Tagell, my grandchild and had him collar up. I asked ‘what Tagell do you? You met him with something? He has something for you? He did not answer me. He pushed Tagell on a shed in me yard and then gradually he pulled him out of the yard into the street.”

“I went out with him and I said ‘no no no, you cannot do him so. You met him with something? He has something for you? Why are you doing him like that? He still did not answer me. He just had Tagell hold up tight, choking Tagell and telling him to go with him,” said Leader.

She said Tagell insisted he was not going for fear of being taken to a place and beaten him up.

“The soldier asked me to move away and I dressed back, and then I look and I saw Tagel again pushed to the ground and he (soldier) chocking him,” Leader said.

“I asked him to let me speak to the child, but then he pushed me, that was not a push, he tossed me to the ground and damaged my knee and broke my hand,” said Leader, who added that no warrant was and damaged me knee and broke my hand.

Leader said she was given a doctor paper by ta female police officer and was taken to the J. N. France General Hospital where she was treated and discharged Sunday and underwent surgery on the arm on Wednesday.

Leader said she the altercation began when her grandson was riding a bicycle.

“As he came down the hill, he observed police on the road. As he passed they waved out to him, or so he thought and he continued on his journey only to be pursued into my yard,” she said.

Legal action is being considered.

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