Pseudo-Facebook Profiles Undermine SKN C.O.P.; PM Turning His Back On Police Force Destabilization?

The St. Kitts-Nevis coalition administration headed by Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris has been caught red-handed in a most undeniable and official display of hypocrisy.


Since the coalition was elected to office, the Kittitian and Nevisian public have come to realise that freedom of speech, as described in the Constitution of St. Christopher and Nevis, appears to be permanently under threat by the members of this administration. This new reality was thrust upon the population when members of the civil service began being called into meetings by their superiors either to be verbally chastised or have their jobs directly threatened over the nature of their postings on their private social media platforms.


The expression of one’s personal unfavourable opinions about the government resulted in unwarranted transfers to ministries and positions that basically renders them useless. Some civil servants have been subjected to wilful frustrations in their positions and in other cases, people were sent on long leave repeatedly at the public’s expense or they were forced into retirement from the public service. Sadly, these injustices still occur.


Since February 2015, it appears the right to express one’s self publicly in St. Kitts-Nevis has become illegal.


Given this established track record of stifling and trampling on free speech, it comes across as very peculiar that neither Prime Minister Harris nor any other senior member of his administration appears to take serious issue with the pseudo-Facebook profiles that often spill into the public domain information that evidently comes from directly within the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force.


These are the same pseudo-Facebook profiles that have been wreaking havoc on social media for months; from the posting of vulgar and slanderous statements about persons in society to the revelation of alleged corruption and theft in the Police Force that the person conveniently attempted to link to the Opposition leader, Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas. In addition to the slander and false accusations, these social media profiles have issued life threats against Dr. Douglas on numerous occasions as well as embarrassing ultimatums to the Commissioner of Police Ian Queeley.


The Kittitian and Nevisian public are now of the impression that the person or persons operating these pseudo-Facebook profiles must be known to the highest-ranking members of the coalition government. Considering the type and level of information they bring into the public domain, particularly police and law enforcement information, the people have come to realise that not only does the St. Kitts coalition government definitely know who is/are behind these profiles, the government is also obviously allowing them to say these things on social media.


Citizens and residents of the islands are now of the view that Prime Minister Dr. Timothy Harris, the Minister of National Security on St. Kitts, is strategically turning his back on these blatant acts of sabotage occurring within the Police Force. Contrary to his claims of depoliticising the Force, it is highly likely that Dr. Harris sees something to be gained politically from the sabotage of the Police High Command by hidden characters the entire government pretends to be ignorant about.

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