Mr Leon Natta
Mr Leon Natta

Ever since Dr. Timothy Harris ascended to the office of Prime Minister of the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, the country has seen and felt a monumental shift towards fascism and dictatorship, hallmarked by systematic victimization of supporters of the Opposition St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party and attempts to frustrate and silence the Opposition Parliamentarians and spokespersons. Dr. Timothy Harris’ modus operandi is to persecute those who do not support his politics and to attempt to obliterate all forms of opposition in our once-democratic country.

Under Dr. Timothy Harris, a large number of civil servants have been abused, terminated and put on multi-year leaves. Some have been strong enough to push back and take the government to Court, Permanent Secretary Sharon Rattan being one such example. In recent times, we have seen in quick succession the suspicious shooting deaths of two police sergeants (Leon Powell and Dwight Davis) who were close to Leader of the Opposition, Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas, and were living in his electoral district at the time of their deaths. Following closely were the slayings of Vincent Taylor and Elroy ‘Stanny’ Williams of Sandy Point, whose deaths have been viewed by many with great suspicion, and as resulting from the actions of a death squad in Sandy Point in an attempt to hide the truth from the light of day.

In recent times, the media have been reporting that Prime Minister Harris has been actively dismantling the police force as we know it, stripping top officials of their rank and sending them on extended leave. In their place, he has been positioning his sycophants and minions such as chief spy agent McArthur Browne and Adolph Adams whom he has recently promoted. Harris has also been recruiting large numbers of Jamaican police officers who we are told are being positioned to carry out Dr. Harris’ reign of terror just ahead of the next elections. As we speak, the RSS forces are being mobilized into St. Kitts and Nevis, for the third or fourth time in two years, as a prop for Dr. Harris as he begins his campaign to incarcerate members of the Opposition. It has also been alleged that the government has a hit list of Opposition members and supporters who will be targeted by the Mongoose Gang in the Police Force and the Death Squad out of Sandy Point.

Just as we had been informed, earlier today, Prime Minister Harris gave instructions for the arrest of Mr. Leon Natta, the man touted to be his challenger in upcoming general elections. We have been informed that Natta has been arrested for failing to renew the licence for his legal firearm on time. At the time of his arrest, Natta’s firearm was duly licenced. We have also been tipped off by a senior police officer that the police have a list of 26 persons who were late in renewing the licence for their firearm or had not yet renewed it. However, no plans were afoot to arrest those persons. It is therefore clear that Prime Minister Timothy Harris is on a path of using the police under his command to harass and victimize a decent young man while criminals roam the streets taking the lives of our citizens, raping them and pillaging their properties.

It is by no means a side point that the warrant for the arrest of Mr. Leon Natta, Timothy Harris’ future challenger, was signed by magistrate Donna Harris, the sister of the Prime Minister. It begs the question whether there is indeed the separation of powers in St. Kitts and Nevis where the Prime Minister can make a phone call to his sister to secure a warrant to arrest anyone who is getting in his way. This is truly scary stuff. Our once-tranquil and democratic country is now in the abyss of dictatorship and fascism.


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