Setting the Record Straight

There seems to be a notion that this government led by schemer Dr. Timothy Harris has broken barriers by including persons who allegedly hold different political views, to be a part of government hosted national events.

This notion is far from the truth and therefore, the air must be cleared.

The St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party administration was always a political party, a movement and a government that looked beyond people’s political affiliation and allegiance, but rather, focused on their contributions to the Federation and the resulting impact.

As such, The Prime Minister’s Lecture Series under the former SKNLP government, be it the featured speaker, the chairpersons or even the individual chosen to deliver the opening prayer, has always been selected based on their expertise, the value of the message they can deliver and the example they can set for others in the Federation. It must be noted that it was for these prime reasons why the former Labour Party-led government started the Prime Minister’sLecture Series in 1998.

For example, known and staunch supporters of the People’s Action Movement (PAM), such as Dr. Jessica Byron, Dr. Allan Somersall and Dr. Rydell Blake, were all featured speaks at the Lecture Series under the SKNLP-led government.


Another notion that must be addressed is the idea that Dr. Vance Gilbert is still affiliated with the Labour Party and is a current opponent of Dr. Timothy Harris.

It has already been confirmed that Gilbert has severed all ties with the Labour Party because of his own selfish reasons. He has now stitched himself as a fixture to Dr. Harris’ side, essentially becoming a witless pawn in his political agenda.

Gilbert is on the Harris Payroll, and him operating in the capacity of Chairman at this year’s Independence lecture series was basically ‘work’.

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