Shez Dore-Tyson to Hon Eugene Hamilton: “What happen to the water for Cayon? We deserve better!”

Cayon, St Kitts, September 8, 2019 – Lack of water in the Cayon community continues to generate anger and frustration. Scores of residents living in Cayon and Keys have been expressing frustration in the past weeks over lack of this basic human right to adequate and clean water.
This time from community activist Shez Dore-Tyson, who on Sunday penned an open letter on social media to the present three-term Parliamentary Representative, Hon Eugene Hamilton.
She informed him that she went to his Parliamentary Office on Main Street, Cayon about a half hour ago and he was not there.
“I went to your home to find you and you were not there either. I drove around the community to no avail. The purpose for my visit was two-fold. Firstly, I wanted to find out from you the plan you have to restore water to the people of Cayon and secondly, I brought my mother’s soiled clothes to ask you if I can use your machine to wash them.
You see, for the past 3 weeks I have been carrying water from St Peter’s to Cayon because I have to care for Mom who lives in Cayon and I am totally fed up and I think its time for someone to personalize the effect of your poor representation for Constituency 8. From all reports you made desperate efforts to resurrect from the dead last night. I understand you gave $10,000 to start a basketball league – and that’s good, although I personally would not take money from the dead under no circumstance. You gave thousands of dollars worth of music equipment I heard to others who later asked what to do with them. Then you spent thousands more of taxpayers money on free goatwater, sandwiches, cook-up, bottle drinks, rum, tents, trailers, flags and other paraphernalia to announce your resurrection. Well what happen to the water? I won’t even mention as this time the Cayon High School situation. I have enough disappointment to deal with right now.
Neither you or any of your cohorts who came to help resurrect you, spoke about the plight of the people and what you intend to do about it. I’m seething right now. I’m mad about the water situation and it cemented in my mind that you are a total waste of time as the government representative for Cayon. Undoubtedly, the people of Cayon deserve more than just a partial resurrection on the eve of an election period and a belly full of cook-up. Clarice Dore is one of the 15 or so remaining octogenarians in the community and they all deserve better than this. They need to be bathed, fed, cooked for, cleaned and they need water to drink. She may be old, but she is human too and she is my mother and my heart hurts for the others who are also bed-ridden and do not have someone to come to their aid daily for basic sanitation needs. Since you are nowhere to be found this afternoon, I assume that you went back to the political grave. Stay there, Lazarus! You do not have what it takes to represent the people of Cayon and Constituency  8 and NO!! I will not waste my vote on you in the upcoming election and I will do everything I can to ensure no one else does either. We deserve better.

Shez Dore-Tyson
Clarice Dore daughter”


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