SKN: Criminals On Government Payroll?

Following the startling revelation of a meeting being held between criminal gangs and local law enforcement in the country of St. Kitts-Nevis, its citizens and residents are beginning to wonder if the government headed by Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris has criminal characters on its payroll.

The purpose of this meeting held in early March was reportedly to establish a  truce with the gangs, essentially promising to compensate them financially if they ceased creating uncontrollable chaos throughout the country. The revelation of such a dark meeting has caused a number of pertinent questions to emanate from within society, particularly regarding the government’s supposed fight against crime.

The convening of the meeting is a clear indication that the country’s law enforcement entities are cognizant of who the key perpetrators of criminal activity are. With their extensive knowledge of gangs and gang activity in the country, it is also reasonable to expect that far more arrests would occur during spates of criminal activity. Judging the infrequency with which gang members are arrested, however, persons are now wondering if these criminals are in fact allowed to terrorise the nation at the leisure of those in government. Persons are also speculating that the local law enforcement in St. Kitts-Nevis has been reduced to a political tool whose purpose is to reign in the government’s dark minions if and when they get out of control.

Such a reality catapults law enforcement’s primary reason for existence in question: to protect and serve whom?

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