SKN MP Patches Liburd Continues Bob & Weave Around Truth About Gun Found At Son’s Murder Scene

In response to legitimate questions raised concerning the ownership and history of the gun found at the crime scene of Mikhail Liburd, engaged in an abuse of Parliament and the Opposition rather than give an honest and responsible answer to the concerns.

A few days ago, questions arose in the public domain concerning the quickness with which the police, in mere hours, were able to identify the owner of the gun found on Vincent Taylor while in the case of the shooting death of Mikhail Liburd, son of government Minister Ian Patches Liburd, information regarding a gun found at the scene allegedly belonging to the deceased has not been forthcoming.

Incidentally, shortly after searching the Liburd crime scene, police published a press release on social media announcing that a gun had been found on the scene and that the twenty-second illegal firearm had been taken off the streets. No sooner than the public became aware of the release and word got around as to who potentially was the owner of the gun, police quickly removed the press release from social media. It is believed that police were instructed to do so by a certain government minister.

All crime is abhorrent. When there is loss of life, it is all the more abhorrent. However, dealing with the issue of crime requires the building of the public confidence in the police and all law enforcement authorities. The police should be unbiased in their reporting to the public. They should not respond to the dictates of government ministers or anybody else, for that matter. This kind of behaviour by the police serves not only to further undermine public confidence which is already at an all-time low, but also to derail any and all crime-fighting efforts.

When Minister Ian ‘Patches’ Liburd spoke at Parliament today, he did the public a huge disfavour by seeking to further conceal whose gun was found at the scene of his son’s untimely demise. Minister Liburd sought to perpetuate the political tribalism that has been responsible for much of the social decay that has created a basis for rampant and increasing crime in our beloved country.

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