SKNLP Candidate Select Dr Geoffrey Hanley Well Received By Constituency & Wider Community

The St Kitts-Nevis Labour Party’s ranks have been strengthened further with the addition of Dr Geoffrey Hanley, the well-known gentle giant who will be representing constituency number one East Basseterre.

Dr Hanley, to whom the responsibility of the constituency was passed following Dr Asim Martin’s retirement from active politics, was well received by his constituency at his ‘soft launch’ held on July 5th 2018 at the Royal St Kitts Hotel.

Making his official public debut at the Labour Party’s monthly press conference held yesterday, Wednesday 25th July, Dr Hanley expressed his immense appreciation of the hearty and endless welcome he has has been receiving from the members of his constituency. Dr Hanley continued that the forthrightness of the people he met on a daily basis continues to strongly resonate with him.

“I must say that the support has been overwhelming as I have been hitting the pavement, going around house to house, I just want to express how satisfied I am at this point with the responses I would have been receiving.And I think most importantly, the honesty that you hear coming out of the persons when they are dialoguing with you. I am expecting greater things as I hit the road right after this press conference again.”

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