St Kitts’ Robert L Bradshaw International Airport joins government-owned institutions with mold problems

Basseterre, St Kitts, August 27, 2019 – Mold is also being reported at the Robert L Bradshaw International Airport.
Sources confirm the disclosure recently by Leader of the Opposition, the Rt Hon Dr Denzil L Douglas during his appearance on Freedom 106.5 FM “Issues” programme recently.
“Yes, mold is in the terminal building,” a .source confirmed by WhatsApp Monday night.
“Mold is also in the Control Tower,” another said.
Another employee, who like the others wishes to remain anonymous, disclosed that mold is also present in cargo shed #3.
Scores of employees working in several government institutions have been falling ill and are on sick leave due to mold issues.
The Parcel Post Section of the General Post Office on the Bay Road has had its share as the Department of Labour, which moved from two previous locations due to unhealthy workplace conditions and recently faced an overcrowded issue at its present location.s at its .
On Monday, August 26, several teachers at the Cayon High School refused to go on the compound to attend a meeting and demanded the results of tests on the building carried out only last week inspite of the long summer break.
According to sources, several teachers have tested positive for high levels of mold in their bodies, way above the acceptable limit of two percent.
In May this year, teachers at that school signed a petition to force the government to take swift action in relation to the unhealthy situation at the educational institution.
The existence of mold and other health concerns at the Cayon High School had been known by government officials since March of this year when positive results of tests became known after several teachers began experiencing illnesses but no action was taken by the appropriate authorities.
Recently the National Housing Corporation (NHC) was fumigated, the Verchild’s High School was infected and the Department of Sport was forced to vacate to the media centre and VIP boxes at the Warner Park Cricket Stadium.
The Ministry of Education also moved its administrative offices including that of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Sports and Culture, Hon Shawn Richards, to The Cable Building on Cayon Street. The Ministry of Tourism also had its share of mold problems.
The Administration Building at the main Burdon Street Campus of the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College (CFBC) was closed, reopened and closed again and mold was also found in the President’s Office forcing the occupant of the office at the time to relocate to a container in the yard of the main campus.
The technical and vocational division also had its share of mold problems.
A section of Police Headquarters was closed due to the presence of mold as did a section of the Basseterre Police Station due to an infestation of bed bugs.
The Sandy Point Primary School was recently fumigated as a result of an infestation of cockroaches and rats and the two science labs and the home economic center at the Saddlers Secondary School were cordoned off due to health concerns.
The mold issue, although serious, has become a social talking point as the then opposition Team Unity partners, with the full support of then BHS principal, Mrs Carleen Henry-Morton and Guidance Counsellor Mr Ron Collins, then President and Vice President respectively of the St Kitts Teachers Union along with some teachers, used the health concerns at the original Basseterre High School, to stoke the political issue leading up to the 2015 general election.
The then opposition leaders including now Prime Minister Dr the Hon Timothy Harris and Deputy Prime Minister Hon Shawn Richards, promised a new Basseterre High School to be built on the Basseterre Valley Aquifer despite public protest over concerns of possible contamination.
Prime Minister Harris, Minister Richards and the Team Unity Cabinet have also rejected reports from local scientists, the Trinidad-based Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA), the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI), also based in Trinidad and the Washington-based National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which recommended that the buildings could be inhabited after remedial works are completed.
Temporary facilities have been constructed and rented to facilitate the BHS students.
Despite promising to stay with the BHS students, Henry-Morton has broken that promise and is now Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, of which her brother in law, Hon Lindsay Grant is minister and Collins, who had succeed Henry-Morton as BHS principal is now Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour and Ecclesiastical Affairs.

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