I am a nurse and I sympathize with the nurses that are now facing crisis in regards to their salaries and I am in no way trying to undermine their cries. Today though, I would like to highlight the many challenges and the many unsound structures and equipment we have, work in and use on a daily basis. Many persons have a fallacious belief of what a nurse goes through regularly and quite frankly most don’t seem to care, because who really cares about a nurse? The same nurse who had to wipe your ass, fetch you water, feed you, medicate you is the very same nurse you call an ass, a lazy being, an incompetent……. I would not mention the numerous names I have been called. Nonetheless, I love being a nurse, I just don’t love being a nurse here in my own country anymore.

Now to give you a vivid idea of where I’m coming from, here are some of the issues that are faced daily by nurses that you (Ministry and public alike) abuse. The presence of mold that presently affects some people and will continue to affect more to come; donated and used equipment that are disfunctional after two uses are what we are left to work with; the number of times people come up pushing paper in your face and cuss you but yet you must still look after them – the height of disrespect; have to be pushing patients who weigh 20 times more than you up ramps here and there because of the absence of orderlies – then you can’t go home and make love to you man because you back nuh good; the number of nurses resigning like crazy leaving the desolate few of us to bear the weight leaving us physically unwell; two nurses working on wards with 20 to 30 patients but yet they expect us to deliver a high standard and proper care?

They expect you to work fast and diligently when you can’t even get a break to eat anything, can’t even go bathroom to pee because you on you face from beginning to end of shift – and it seems to bother no one, but yet they wonder why we are so miserable and angry and don’t smile? How can you in an environment like that? If rain falls for 2 minutes the roof leak. Air conditioning ain’t working for how long now, you go to work smelling good and come home smelling like you was farming in horse dung how the place hot – you full of sweat just putting up an IV that someone would think that you there trying to put it up for hours when in fact only 2 seconds you there, dehydration in under a minute; all kinds of nonsense happening and nothing being fixed. It’s not nice up there at all.

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