The Development Bank of Timothy Harris
The Development Bank of Timothy Harris

Amid untold corruption and scheming taking place at the Development Bank of St. Kitts and Nevis under the direction of Prime Minister Harris and his brother Lenworth Harris, a senior accountant tendered their resignation last week after just 10 months on the job.

The auditors for the Bank (Grant-Thornton) have found that an alarming amount of money has been unaccounted for and other sources have confirmed that more than US$15 million have gone missing from the bank for the year 2018 alone. An employee presently working at the bank has remarked that the Development Bank will be unfixable after Harris’ reign of terror and corruption comes to an end.

Members of the Board of Directors of the Bank have been complaining that Len Harris runs the bank like his family’s piggybank. Recently, a large house at Lodge/Ottley belonging to Southwell (who was imprisoned for sexually assaulting a female) that was up for foreclosure, was purchased by Len Harris through the bank unknown to the Board of Directors. The house was up for sale for EC$300,000 but was purchased by Len Harris for EC$1.2 million. A senior accountant at the bank requested the notice of Board’s approval and the legal papers to verify that the property was to be transferred to the bank, but Len Harris continues to conceal those documents. It has been confirmed however that High Court Registrar Janine Harris has signed transfer document for a Harris family member. To date, the utility bills for the Southwell property are still in the name of Southwell. It appears that the Southwells are now renting the property from Harris.

Len Harris continues to demand large sums of money from the Social Security Board (SSB) of which he is a member. The SSB has pointed out this serious conflict of interest where the Manager of the Development Bank sits on the SSB and makes demands for money to be transferred to the bank.

Board Members are also concerned about the large sums of money (about EC$40,000) requested by Len Harris for travel, per diem and the like whenever he travels on Bank business. The staff at the Bank have reported that Len Harris is in charge of CONTEC, a concrete company at P.O. Box 1394, Canada Industrial Estate. CONTEC now owes the bank over EC$8 million, and despite all the hefty government contracts it has been awarded, its debt is not being properly serviced.

While the Harris brothers wreak havoc on the people’s bank for their personal benefit, they use the same bank to victimize companies that owe the bank. Companies like Admiral’s (Harrington Bristol) and Steve’s Enterprises (Steve Wrensford) are being stiffed by Len Harris at the behest of his brother, Prime Minister Timothy Harris, and Lindsay Grant, who will be contesting the election in District 4 against Wrensford.

The people of St. Kitts and Nevis need to take a long hard look at where our country is heading. It is heading down a precipice towards a full-blown dictatorship. It is only a matter of a little time before our freedom will be completely gone and the assets of the state all belong to the Harris family.


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