You Owe Me! Timothy Harris To Civil Servants

A number of civil servants across various sectors of the government have been warned by Prime Minister Timothy Harris, who noted that they should not bite the hand that feeds them.

While speaking at the coalition government’s town hall meeting in St. Paul’s last month, Harris noted that his government executed a number of ‘favours’ for persons who now refuse to lend a helping hand to his political cause.

In disgust, Harris disclosed that some person’s political affiliation and their alleged loyalty to the Team Unity movement are what directly led to their receipt of certain positions in government offices.

These individuals, Harris said, owe the coalition government and should seek to repay their debt by ensuring that he [Harris] remains in power; any means necessary.

“Persons who have been elevated, big jobs and positions, they are the ones who suppose to be on the campaign trail fighting for the government!”

Harris continued, “Some of you, all of a sudden when team unity put you in position yall ain’t in no politics; a politics give yall that, is politics give you the work!”

These persons will be dealt with, Harris concluded, urging these those who received the publicly ominous warning to “Be careful”.

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