Hurricane Relief Fund Still A Mystery Says Hon. Konris Maynard

The general public is still largely clueless on the matter of the functionality of the Hurricane Relief Fund (HRF), created by the coalition government in October 2017.

Persons have repeatedly expressed their confusion with how the fund is being operated, the amount of money collected to this day, and how locals actually benefited from it.

Elected representative for constituency number two and member of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, Hon Konris Maynard, in comments on the matter, said that there are still a lot of unanswered questions surrounding the programme.

“We are now upon another hurricane season and still no information. Can you tell me…

· How much [money] the country has made from this HRF?

· How many applications have been processed in the HRF?

· What is the government’s intention of how to use the HRF?

· Do you know where the HRF is being stored/kept?

o Is it outside of government? Is it in the consolidated fund?

· Have they intimated what they are going to do with the HRF?

· Is there a mandate for the HRF?

· Will it be only spent on Hurricane Relief?

o Or will it be for something else?”

Maynard said, “My point is for a significant development like this, almost nine months later, the government cannot come to us and say what this HRF is all about.”

Initially, as announced by Prime Minister Timothy Harris, the programme was purported as having been created to assist the Federation in its recovery efforts, following the passage of two major hurricanes in September 2017.

Though constantly questioned by the general public and media practitioners, Prime Minister Harris and his colleagues have failed to divulge fully how the program worked, its financial statistics to this day, and how persons have benefited from it.

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