Lindsay Fitzpatrick Grant
Lindsay Fitzpatrick Grant

Lindsay Grant, former Leader of the People’s Action Movement, and present Minister of Tourism in the government of St. Kitts and Nevis, once came under scathing scrutiny regarding his conduct at the Marriott Hotel in January of 2010. Mr. Grant, in seeking to obtain millions of dollars in campaign funding, met at the Marriott Hotel in St. Kitts with a rich, white English developer who wanted to purchase several hundred acres of land at Sir Gilles Estate near Sandy Point and at Brighton Estate, Cayon.

As revealed in the video which has since been placed on youtube (click here), Mr. Lindsay Fitzpatrick Grant committed to sell hundreds of prime agricultural and business development land to the European developer. In  exchange, Mr. Grant was to receive US$1.5 million (or EC$4 million). In fact, when Mr. Grant was made an offer of US$1.5 million by the developer, he upped the deal to US$1.7 million, envisioning himself as the Prime Minister and thereby being able to follow through with the huge land transaction.

Recently, it was revealed that the developer who engaged Mr. Grant at the Marriott Hotel on St. Kitts could have been an undercover journalist who had perhaps learnt of Mr. Grant’s penchant for wheeling and dealing. Whatever the case, three (3) facts are clear, (i) no-one but Lindsay Fitzpatrick Grant made the decision to meet with a rich, Caucasian developer in a room at the Marriott Hotel, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts, (ii) The offers that Mr. Grant made, he made them of his own free will and did intend to benefit personally from the huge sums of money that were on offer to him, and (iii) Mr. Grant had made provisions for laundering the ill-gotten gain by making use of what he called ‘offshore accounts.’ Mr. Grant was explicit in the interview that he had the will and the devices to sell the country’s land and cover up his acts.

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