Sexual Harassment Of Women Rampant In local Offices Says Human Rights Report

Sexual Harassment is a major issue in many offices and workplaces across St. Kitts and Nevis. This is according to research conducted by the United States Department of State Human Rights Commission.

According to their 2017 report released less than a week ago, their findings indicate that this is a matter that seems to be of little to no importance by the current regime in the twin-island Federation. Despite the many complaints, issues and incidences shared with the body, the government has yet to document any relative cases.

Mention of the matter in the report has led to persons submitting further pleas to Prime Minister Timothy Harris and his government to launch an investigation into the allegations of a sexual predator within the chambers of the current Attorney General, Hon. Vincent ‘Juicy’ Byron.

Accordingly, Byron’s office is facing a series of sexual allegations from women of the community, relative to indecent and sexual assault, blackmail and other course acts.

Leader of the Opposition Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil Douglas has also joined with persons of the community in demanding that an investigation is launched into the allegations against Hon. Byron’s office.

Publicly, Dr Douglas has stated, “An investigation should start with the head of the chambers (Attorney General) before it goes to anyone else.”

It was Dr Douglas who first brought this issue to light during a sitting of the National Assembly in January 2018 where he stated that there lurks a sexual predator in the Attorney General’s Chambers, who utilises their position to manipulate and violate women visiting the office seeking official advice or assistance.

After Hon. Byron’s attempts at distancing himself from the allegation with the assistance of the government and Speaker of the House, Hon. Michael Perkins, Dr Douglas said, “Let me be clear, I do not bring to our parliament and I do not bring to the people of our country anything that is not based on the truth and fact. I know that there has been a credible complaint that… at least one person who we know went in the Attorney General’s chambers to seek justice and she was sexually assaulted. There is no question about that!”

Pressure, more than before, is being put on the government to look into the matter and to deal with it accordingly.

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